Porsche 997 Turbo FS-700 Supersport Turbo Package

Porsche 997 Turbo FS-700 Supersport Turbo Package

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Fabspeed Motorsport, the preeminent source in the Porsche tuning industry, has developed the ultimate no-holds-barred turbo upgrade package for the 997 Porsche Turbo.                                                           

The Fabspeed Supersport Turbo Package is comprised of the highest quality, highest performance parts available which combine to bring you massive power gains and reliability you can trust on both your daily driver as well as your dedicated track machine.

Fabspeed Motorsport sets itself apart from the competition by integrating our world-renowned Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust and Competition Intake systems into this turbo upgrade package. This allows us to fine-tune the software in conjunction with the engine and exhaust components for maximum power, sound, and reliability.

This Fabspeed Motorsport Supersport Turbo Package is backed by an industry-leading warranty, which includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all Fabspeed exhaust and intake components and a two-year limited warranty on all other components.


NOTE: Turbo-Core Exchange Deposit may be required (Please call for details)

INSTALLATION NOTE: To ensure proper header seal, after initial heat cycle, tighten all exhaust bolts to the OEM torque specs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How does the turbo exhange work?
    • 1.) Remove your factory turbos and send them to Fabspeed Motorsport. 2.) Your factory turbos will be re-built and modified to the updated specifications. 3.) Your upgraded turbos will be returned to you for re-installation. NOTE: If turbo cores are available, the option may exist to submit a Turbo Core Exchange Deposit in place of your factory turbos. If this option is exercised, your deposit will be returned once we receive your factory turbos.
  • How will this affect my fuel mileage?
    • Under normal daily driving conditions you should see almost no change in fuel economy, despite the tremendous power increase. Only under high boost/full throttle conditions will the economy be reduced. This makes it the ideal power addition for anyone concerned with their fuel mileage.
  • Is there any additional maintenance required versus a stock engine?
    • No. The Fabspeed Supersport Turbo Upgrade Packages are direct replacement systems that do NOT require any additional maintenance beyond the factory’s scheduled maintenance plan.
  • Is additional tuning required?
    • No. The Fabspeed Supersport Turbo Upgrade Packages are engineered to function as a complete system, and to work out of the box with no additional tuning required. The included software upgrade has been designed to work perfectly with the Fabspeed components for reliable trouble-free performance. Optional Package Upgrades also include optimized upgraded software for the additional components.
  • Should any other modifications be made to the car to handle the additional power?
    • With this kind of power, it’s imperative to have a safe vehicle. Any existing problems with the vehicle’s braking, steering or suspension components will be exaggerated once the power is multiplied with the performance turbo kit. Any concerns should be addressed before installing the Fabspeed Supersport Turbo Upgrade Package. Upgraded motorsport brakes are highly recommended but are not required. Please contact Fabspeed for available brake kit options.
  • Is it necessary to replace the clutch when installing the 700hp kit?
    • Yes. The factory-installed clutch was not designed to handle anything over 700hp and will NOT hold under load! We supply a Sachs Performance Motorsport Clutch with our 700hp systems that is designed to handle the additional power without dramatically increasing the clutch pedal effort.
  • Can I add this kit to my daily driver without compromising its street-ability?
    • Absolutely. Despite the incredible power increase, the normal driving characteristics of the engine will not be compromised.
  • Can I install this system myself?
    • Yes. However, unless you have more advanced automotive experience, then it’s not recommended. If you’re unsure about the installation process or you lack the necessary tools, then it should be taken to a qualified professional. Fabspeed can recommend a qualified installation facility in your area.
  • What sets Fabspeed’s turbo upgrade kits apart from the competition?
    • Fabspeed’s kits include all necessary components to be the perfect out-of-the-box bolt-on turbo upgrade package. Some of our competitors do not include exhaust upgrades or intercoolers in their packages. The Fabspeed Supersport packages include all the essential parts for the kit to work properly and efficiently with the maximum performance gains.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the extreme power levels provided by these upgrade kits, Fabspeed Motorsport is not responsible or liable for any damages - to person or property - sustained to or by the upgraded vehicle. All modifications are made at the buyer’s risk.