About Us

Sean Freed, Owner

During High School, Sean took classes at the local trade school in efforts to learn as much as possible in order to become an automotive technician. By the time he graduated High School, he was able to graduate with a High School Diploma as well as a Diploma in Automotive Technology just months after his graduation. At this point, he was 18 and officially started his career as an automotive technician. He started working at a small independent shop about 15 min from his parents house and after about 6 months, Sean realized he was ready for more. He was ready to build high performance machines and work on high performance vehicles.Sean Freed's intense passion for cars started when he was only 15. After reading a high performance magazine, he was hooked. Nothing else mattered but having the most powerful and best handling car around. Growing up, his family did not have a lot of extra money so his passion for cars was very limited. After several summers of working and saving every penny, at the age of 17, he was able to purchase a 1972 Chevelle SS with a small block 350. Needless to say, its not the most powerful of cars or the best handling, but to him, it might as well have been a brand new 911 Turbo.

"My passion for cars started as a child and has now grown into a full-functioning business. I always dreamed of owning my own company so I educated and pushed myself further than I ever thought I could."